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How & Why We Formed

Being born with multiple congenital deformities including Arthrogryposis & Prune Belly Syndrome, doctors told his parents that Marty wouldn’t make it past the age of three, and, if he did, Marty would never walk or function normally. Well, he proved them wrong!

Today Marty is 31 years old, and he has learned to enjoy every day to the fullest. Some people say that his 60 pounds of body weight is all heart! Marty’s story and drive has touched thousands of hearts and inspire people to face adversity while being able to HELP so many. Marty has overcome his challenges in life as well, and has found the “freedom to be happy” as Marty has his own Scissor Gait walk. That walk has given him freedom of mobility that has lead Marty to experiencing a full and rich plethora of experiences. It also serves as a metaphor for others to find their freedom also.

The Project Scissor Gait Foundation is a platform that has helped Marty inspire others as a speaker and representative for those facing the same diagnoses. Funds raised through Project Scissor Gait helps to support individuals diagnosed with Arthrogryposis and Prune Belly Syndrome. Your gift provides these individuals with access to medical conferences, adaptive equipment, care packages, and scholarships.

Robust care packages for families (newborns diagnosed with AMC staying in the ICU/hospital for an extended period.)
has been donated to send 350+ people to the National Arthrogryposis Conference.

We Are Passionate About Our Cause

You can help change an individual’s life who has been affected by AMC or PBS today by donating to the cause.