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Our Story

The Founder of Project Scissor Gait Foundation – Marty Sheedy was born with multiple congenital disabilities including Arthrogryposis and Prune Belly Syndrome. Doctors told his parents that he wouldn’t live past the age of three, and, if he did, Marty would never walk or function independently.

Well, he proved them wrong many times over! Today Marty has learned to live every day to the fullest, take the life lessons he was given and use them to help others.

Through the outlet of PROJECT SCISSOR GAIT FOUNDATION, Marty continues reaching thousands of hearts as they join him in the journey of being a beacon of hope to others and inspire people how to face adversity and find their inner light.

Project Scissor Gait Foundation was created on the idea that if the scissor gait style of walking helps Marty walk very independently, that there must be someone else in the world that it may help. So the AOL hometown page was put together with one paragraph, a very grainy video of walking, a counter, and his email address at the time.

As time went on Marty learned in great detail the medical aspects of the two conditions and realized that everyone is affected extremely differently.  The goal of finding a child to help walk like this would mean that the hips would have to be dislocated at just the right angle and degree.

Now as a foundation we fully know our place in the respective Arthrogryposis & Prune Belly community, we work very closely with the support group and other foundations related to supporting families with these conditions. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the work that we do here at Project Scissor Gait Foundation.

What is “Scissor Gait”?

The word GAIT is the medical term for walking. Instead of walking in the “traditional way” he learned how to balance and walk by crossing his legs in a scissor-like motion. The Scissor Gait walk has given him freedom of mobility which has enabled him to experience a life dedicated to service.

It serves as a metaphor for others to find their independence through any means possible.