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Our Story

Founder Marty Sheedy was born with multiple congenital disabilities including Arthrogryposis and Prune Belly Syndrome. Doctors in the Detroit area told his parents that he wouldn’t make it past the age of three, and, if he did, Marty would never walk or function normally.

Well, he proved them wrong! Today Marty has learned to live every day to the fullest. Some people say that his 60 pounds of body weight is all heart! Through sharing his story, Marty hopes to continue touching thousands of hearts and inspire people to face adversity. The PSGF was created to help people find their inner light, while working towards providing some physical assistance.

Why is it called “Scissor Gait”?

Marty has overcome many challenges including learning how to walk with two dislocated hips. Instead of walking in the “traditional way” he learned how to balance and walk by crossing his legs in a scissor-like motion. That walk has given him freedom of mobility which has enabled him to experience a full and rich plethora of life.

It also serves as a metaphor for others to find their independence through any means possible.