Category: Awareness Trip

Monroe, MI Mini Meetup

Since Misha and her husband Mike arrived in Michigan a few days before the road trip was set to officially begin, a mini meet up was held in Monroe, MI. A great time was had by all. -Marty

Silicon Valley, CA Awareness Trip

I’m back from my trip to Silicon Valley, California. I loved meeting up with families and driving around thinking about all the wonderful philanthropic things that have come out of that area. As a lot of you might know, I’m really into stuff like positive thinking/energy. Therefore while I was driving around I tried to…
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Arizona Awareness Trip

This awareness trip in Arizona has been incredible. I was able to connect with lots of people – hopefully these introductions will lead to some speaking engagements. We’ll see! It’s also the longest time I’ve been away from home on my own. Therefore I’m excited to rest up once I get back to Michigan.  -Marty